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Cattle are an entrepreneurial activity

Beef cattle breeding business are still the majority of the traditional pattern and scale sideline business. This is due to the large investment if done on a large and modern, with even small scale businesses will get a good profit if done with the principles of modern cultivation. PT. NATURAL NUSANTARA with the principle of K-3 (Quantity, Quality and Health) helps fattening beef cattle farming for both large and small-scale enterprises.
B. fattening
Cattle are an entrepreneurial activity that may currently promising. Beef and cattle prices are still relatively high and will remain stable if the government can stabilize the price. The way this can be done to stabilize prices by improving governance raise cattle. Improving governance is far more important to raise cattle and better than importing cows.

Current to stabilize the price of beef and cattle, the government chose the path of imported beef and beef cattle ready for slaughter. If this is done continuously, breeders who will get the problem. Beef prices will tend to fall as much meat and beef ready for consumption so there is price competition with local farmers.

If you want to see re-calculation clearly emerged from the breeder farm business will benefit significantly. However, it needs to increase capacity in animal husbandry. If you look at the current condition of the farmer has not looked at the matter of production. Most of our communities are also found breeding still klanegenan or entertainment only.

Here is a picture of beef cattle breeding business that may
PADIPOKER.COM AGENT JUDI POKER SITUS POKER ONLINE TERAMAN DAN TERPERCAYA INDONESIA be useful to fellow migrant workers to be self-employed. Land used to raise cattle that could be an untapped garden soil and not taken into account for the lease of land. Feeder cattle were kept as much as 10 animals at a starting price of Rp. 7,500,000 / tail with initial body weight of about 250 kg / head. Cows maintained during the 5-month period or the weight gain of about 0.8 to 1.2 kg / head at a cost of Rp.400,000 / month.

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