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Cattle are an entrepreneurial activity

Beef cattle breeding business are still the majority of the traditional pattern and scale sideline business. This is due to the large investment if done on a large and modern, with even small scale businesses will get a good profit if done with the principles of modern cultivation. PT. NATURAL NUSANTARA with the principle of K-3 (Quantity, Quality and Health) helps fattening beef cattle farming for both large and small-scale enterprises.
B. fattening
Cattle are an entrepreneurial activity that may currently promising. Beef and cattle prices are still relatively high and will remain stable if the government can stabilize the price. The way this can be done to stabilize prices by improving governance raise cattle. Improving governance is far more important to raise cattle and better than importing cows.

Current to stabilize the price of beef and cattle, the government chose the path of imported beef and beef cattle ready for slaughter. If this is done continuously, breeders who will get the problem. Beef prices will tend to fall as much meat and beef ready for consumption so there is price competition with local farmers.

If you want to see re-calculation clearly emerged from the breeder farm business will benefit significantly. However, it needs to increase capacity in animal husbandry. If you look at the current condition of the farmer has not looked at the matter of production. Most of our communities are also found breeding still klanegenan or entertainment only.

Here is a picture of beef cattle breeding business that may
PADIPOKER.COM AGENT JUDI POKER SITUS POKER ONLINE TERAMAN DAN TERPERCAYA INDONESIA be useful to fellow migrant workers to be self-employed. Land used to raise cattle that could be an untapped garden soil and not taken into account for the lease of land. Feeder cattle were kept as much as 10 animals at a starting price of Rp. 7,500,000 / tail with initial body weight of about 250 kg / head. Cows maintained during the 5-month period or the weight gain of about 0.8 to 1.2 kg / head at a cost of Rp.400,000 / month.

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Eradication of weeds in Roundup spray

Watering or irrigation
1 If the situation is less moist soil, the soil needs to be watered, simply moisten the soil irrigation
2 How can irrigate in a way in LEB (mengari plot briefly) or insert water into the channel / trench until the soil is quite moist
3 When the water supply is done with when:
4. Germinate age (0-4 days)
5. Early vegetative growth (leaf and stem growth) approximately 15-20 days of age
6 Irrigated 3 days

Eradication of weeds, pests and diseases
1 Weeds
Eradication of weeds in Roundup spray with
SeniorAgen.com Agen Bola Tangkas Online Terpercaya dan Terbaik 2014 pesticides (to eradicate the grass seed / turf) done at the time of planting and flowering time.

2 Pests
a. flies Bilit
planting with crop rotation instead of cucumber
Closing the plant hole with mulch or soil
Cucumber seeds mixed with insecticide (if any) eg with Furodan Curatte 36 or 36 as much as 200 grams for every 1 kg of seed
The trick; cucumber seeds directly in the mix and in the mix with insecticide
Spraying insecticides on old plants 7-8 days after planting, eg with Baycarb
Harvest cucumbers cultivation
Ways organic cucumber cultivation

Cucumber crop, ready for the market. (Photo: titispw)

Cucumber start flowering at 20 days after planting and fruit after 40 days. The first harvest of cucumber cultivation is usually done after 75 days. Harvesting is done gradually over 1-1.5 months. Harvesting can be done every day, can generally be picked 1-2 fruits per plant.

Good cucumber production could reach
SeniorAgen.com Agen Bola Tangkas Online Terpercaya dan Terbaik 2014 30 tons per hectare. Cucumber crop should be put in place because the cucumber will cool quickly lose water content. Once harvested, usually in a pack cucumbers in place that has air circulation or inserted sacks for sale to the market.

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La culture du manioc dans

 La culture du manioc dans le district de Saber a Kontes SEO 2014 une très bonne perspective.
Avec un capital de seulement environ 7 millions de roupies par hectare, les agriculteurs peuvent faire des profits à hauteur de 50 millions de roupies.
Il a été prouvé dans les résidents des hameaux prospère New Hope Village District de Saber. De manioc (cassave) est l'un des aliments de base que nous rencontrons souvent le jour / day.With plantation de plus en plus répandue de la farine de manioc en raison des besoins d'une technologie de manioc plus meningkat.penerapan doit être appliquée au niveau de champ en appliquant paquets technologiques adaptées en fonction de conditions de chaque région (emplacement spécifique) .Apalagi avec l'utilisation d'engrais organique pesticides organiques Nasa Nasa Et cela a été prouvé pour augmenter la production (récolte) pour les
Hosting Gratis agriculteurs de manioc (cassave) des techniques de culture de manioc .Comme comme suit:
A. Seeds / StekPenanaman manioc peut être fait après les semis / boutures et les sols préparés. Temps. Bon pour la plantation est le début de la saison des pluies. Cela est dû au manioc eau nécessite principalement sur la croissance végétative de 4-5 mois, puis le besoin en eau est relativement moins.

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